Summer Reading Challenge

It is almost summer and that means it is time for our 8th Summer Reading Challenge.  We partner with Scholastic to participate in their reading challenge.  Our goal this year is 200,000 minutes.  It is the same goal as last year because we did not meet that goal.

At our kick off assembly last Wednesday, I asked our two top readers from last year, Cora and Bella, who read over 22,000 minutes, to introduce our challenge this year.  As part of our incentive to read over 200,000 minutes Mrs Wright will play the pie face game with Mrs. Henry, the assistant principal, if we meet our goal.  The students were able to exert a little bit of pressure on Mrs. Wright, and she will ALSO dye her hair rainbow colors if the school reaches 200,000 minutes.  It was awesome to hear all the students begging her to do both stunts- and it worked!

The added incentive must have worked because in the last five days our students have logged 1,988 minutes!  All this week in library, students will be given time to learn how to access the Summer Reading Challenge website and start logging those minutes.  Check back in September to see if our goal was met!



Summer Reading Challenge Ends

As the summer draws to a close, so does our Summer Reading Challenge.  As mentioned in an earlier post about Summer Reading our students were challenged to read 200,000 minutes this summer.  We read 179,969 minutes!  While we did not meet our goal, and Mrs. Wright, our principal, did not have to dye her hair rainbow colors, we still have reasons to celebrate.  Our students read a lot this summer!

We also had 35 students read over 1,500 minutes each, which earned them a special celebration.  Today we recognized those 1500 minute readers with their parents.  We gathered together to celebrate their achievement and have cake!  Each student also received a special certificate recognizing their minutes read.  Perhaps most exciting of all:  these 1500 minute readers received a certificate for a free book from our upcoming book fair in November.  I can’t think of a better way to congratulate our readers than get more books into their hands!  Look at these smiling readers!

Celebrating Summer Readers

Summer may have passed, but we are still celebrating!  Today we had our Summer Reading Challenge Celebration.  Our school read 172,643 minutes this summer.  Our goal was 100,000 minutes.  We had 142 (of just over 300) students participate in the challenge.  We had 37 students read over 1,200 minutes this summer, and those students were invited to a special celebration after school.  Parents were invited to come as well because we realize that parents have a lot to do with students reading over the summer months.  Students were awarded a certificate of achievement for their reading efforts.  Students also were able to select a new book or receive a gift certificate for a new book at our upcoming book fair in November.  Many of the students chose to delay gratification and take the gift certificate.  They will certainly have something to look forward to when our book fair comes next month!  We served a delicious cake and punch, too. Finally, students shared their favorite read from the summer and posed for pictures.  Check out those smiling faces!  Great job and congratulations to our summer readers!