First Graders Sequence With Dash

First grade students have been learning the concept of sequencing by programming Dash robots.  Students first learned how to take care of Dash and handle him so he won’t break.  Then we dived into the definition of sequence and why it is important to program Dash in a specific order.  We used examples of making a jelly sandwich, brushing our teeth, and retelling a story to understand sequence.   While Dash will run any program the students created, the focus of the lesson was continue to progress along a path and earn more widgets.  Students have been enjoying the Dash very much and after a few classes they are very good at programming Dash.



Hour Of Code

codeThe second graders are participating in the Hour of Code this week.  Both classes started earlier than this week, but we needed more than one class to complete one hour of coding instruction!  The Hour of Code encourages students (especially women and minorities) to learn more about computer programming.  The lesson plans for curriculum two are very well done and provided by  My students have completed the first two lessons so far: Graph Paper Programming and Paper Airplane Algorithms.  The students are so engaged in the activities and had a lot of fun flying their airplanes.  Next up we will be using computers to program a bird around a maze.  A sneak peek during this week’s lesson had students eager for library class next week. We will continue to work on coding in the library after the Hour of Code week ends.  This is a great opportunity for students to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.