Monster Book Fair


We just completed our first book fair for the year!  Our book fair was a Monster success (pun intended as the theme was the Monster Book fair)!  Students were so excited about the selection of books available and parents were eager to get some good books into their kids hands.  I arranged the book fair a little differently this year, too.  I used the instruction area to display the books, which turned out to be a great idea.  We had many more books that we had in our previous fair, so we needed all 8 tables plus one extra.  The opposite end of the library turned into a quiet reading nook for parents and children to relax with a good book.  My favorite image from the fair was this one of people using the reading area.IMG_0098

A few fifth grade students also helped this year, running register, helping younger students create wish lists, and restocking shelves.  They were so excited to be a part of the fair, that they even came down to help at unscheduled times.

In the past, we have two book fairs:  November and June.  This year, we are adding a third fair in February.  I am excited to host a third fair especially because the theme is For the Love Of Reading.  The fair will be held the week before February recess to so students can stock up on good books to read over vacation.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered at our fair and to those who bought books and merchandise from our fair.  Your help has put books into our students hands.



Second Grade Internet Safety

The second graders are finishing up their Internet Safety unit this week.  We work on five different lessons during the unit.  First, we talk about staying safe online and use a traffic light to rate websites we visit.  Next we talk about our community- both real and online.  We look at three circles with ourselves at the center; then we identify those that are closest to us and those that are more separated from us.  This leads us to our third unit- private information.  Those closest to us know the private information, such as our name, birth date, address, etc.  Those in the outer most circle don’t know and should not know that information.  We do a fun activity to create usernames that do not share any personal information.  We talk about showing respect online and how challenging it can be to express emotion with only written text.  We edit an email to an uncle as practice for showing respect.  Finally we talk about passwords.  Most of the students know not to share their passwords but coming up with a password that doesn’t include personal information can be a challenge.  The students had fun learning how to create passwords using a favorite number, a pet’s name and a favorite food.  Try it sometime, it’s fun!

The lessons we used were from the Common Sense Media website.  I have found these lessons to be very well helpful and engaging for the students.