Student Recommendations

This year I am promoting “Reading Is Social”.  We read, we share, we talk about books.  Our third, fourth, and fifth graders are using Biblionasium to write reviews, keep track of books they want to read, and recommend books to each other.  They are excited about using Biblionasium, and I will continue to offer opportunities for them to use it in library as well as promote its use to their teachers.

Something new I am trying this year is student recommendations.  I asked two students to create a small display of books they would recommend to friends and teachers to read.  I took a picture of the books so that when the books get checked out, others can still see what the students suggested.  I also took a picture of the student reading one of their favorites in the rocking chair.  Both of these pictures were put on a small sign and placed next to their books.  I then started mentioning to the classes about the students’ displays.  Other students wanted to see right away what books were on the display!  I will continue to ask students throughout the year to recommend books and create displays.

I also have a display of some books I recommended and will be asking teachers to create displays as well!

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Summer Reading Wraps Up

Our school participated in Scholastic’s 2015 Summer Reading Challenge.  This was our fifth year participating.  It is always fun to see how many minutes students report over the summer.  Our school read 76,322 minutes!  Quite an accomplishment for a population of 300 students grades K-5!  I suspect, however, there are more minutes read than are logged, and here’s why.

First, some students don’t have access to a computer to log their minutes.  That can be a problem.  This past summer, I encouraged students to keep track on a reading log to turn in when school started.  I got some reading logs back this month, so I know that can work!  Second, some students don’t like to keep track of their minutes.  I can relate.  When I go into “reading mode”, the last thing I want to do is remember what time I started and stopped reading, or worse, set a timer to read for a certain number of minutes.  What happens if I get to a good part and don’t want to stop?  Do I need to reset the timer?  Lose track of those minutes?  Third, some students just forget (or their parents do) and that’s ok, too.  We all have busy lives.  What really matters is that the students are reading, and that is what I want to happen over the summer.

While I enjoy participating in the Scholastic’s Challenge, next summer I will be looking for ways to make it easier (or perhaps more difficult to forget?) for students to share their summer reading with our school.  Perhaps we will continue to join Scholastic’s Challenge– they do a wonderful job.  We could pair it with paper reading logs for those that don’t log minute online.  Perhaps we will venture into Biblionasium to keep track of minutes logged- this is another great website that helps kids “flex the reading muscles”  However it rolls out next summer, I know that I will still be encouraging our students to read, read, read over the summer.  If you have ideas that you would like to share, add them to the comments below!

Summer Reading Certificate

Summer Reading Certificate

Welcome Back!

It is hard to believe that yesterday was our first day back to school!  It was great to see so many familiar smiling faces and many news faces as well.  We have an exciting year planned in the library.  This year’s theme is Get Social with Reading.  We will continue to use Biblionasium to encourage our readers to find great books and share reviews.  We will also hosting our Mock Newbery Club again with Fred Hill Elementary and welcoming Taylor Elementary to our club as well.  Throughout the year students will be asked to create small displays of books in the library of their favorite reads to share with others.  I will continue to post what I am currently reading in the library.   And of course, we will talk about books throughout the year, sharing book trailers, sneak peeks, and hopefully keep a calendar of upcoming books.  We will also be completing research projects, working on computer skills, and digital citizenship.  It is going to be a great year!

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