Book Budget Crew Shops For Books

The third and fourth graders that are participating in the book budget crew met with Linda Startup from Perma-Bound last Thursday and with Jim Hopper from Gumdrop books on last Tuesday.  Linda brought in a selection of books for students to look at. She also made two lists in my Perma-Bound account based on the topics we shared with her.   Students perused the books and catalogs, making lists and circling titles in the catalogs. Some even used the laptops to go online to search for specific topics to add to the list started by Linda.  One student commented to Linda that she wants all of the books for herself, but she needs to think about the other students in the school, too!  It is so enjoyable to see the students ensuring that all students are represented as they shop for books.

Jim Hopper from Gumdrop Books also shared a wide selection of books for the students.  The students had a lot of fun looking at all the books laid out on tables.  Students looked at sample books to get an idea of what the series is like.  Then they put check marks next to titles in the series they thought would be a good addition to the library.  Some of the books have an online interactive website with the book, and students enjoyed checking out these additional resources.

We are excited to finalize our order and cannot wait until the book comes in!



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