Paws For Reading

I am so excited to share our latest reading  program.  This year we have several dogs from Therapy Dog International (TDI) visiting our school once a month.  TDI has a reading program called Tail Waggin’ Tutors. The first visit with the dogs was on Thursday, September 22.  These dogs listen to some of our students read books to them.  This program encourages student reading confidence, generates positive feelings about reading, and is just so cool!  Students visit dogs individually so they have one on one time with the dog and bring their own book that they are reading with them.  The students are so excited about reading to the dogs and the dogs are excellent listeners.

We also have the therapy dogs sit with some students to encourage relaxation, reduce stress, and encourage feelings of calmness. These students talk to the dogs, pet them,  and give them lots of hugs.  The students certainly enjoyed their fist visit with the dogs and are looking forward to more visits in the future.  The therapy dogs will be visiting on the fourth Thursday of each month.

Thank you to Argent, Mr. Cooper, and Daisy (the dogs) as well as their owners for volunteering their time to come to our school to help our students.


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