Summer Reading Challenge Begins

Today we kicked off Summer Reading.  While we are still in school for another month, Scholastic’s Read For the World Challenge started on May 9 so we need to start, too.  Our school has participated for the past five years, making this our 6th year.  It is going to be the year we reach our goal of 100,o00 minutes.  I know this is not a lot of minutes, but we have never read that many minutes before, so we are working toward that small goal this year. Students have been given two incentives to keep reading all summer long:

  1. Our principal, Mrs. Wright, has agreed to do a Mexican dance if our school reads 100,000 minutes.
  2. For each individual student who reads 1200 minutes over the summer (starting today) they will be invited to attend a special reception (with cake!) with their parents.  At the reception students will celebrate their achievement, receive a certificate, and  a special reward.

To read 1200 minutes, students were told that they only need to read 15 minutes a day, five days a week.  They can take the weekends off, but really, who would want to?

We have several things planned to help get books into students hands for summer reading.  The first event is our first ever Buy One Get One Free book fair in June!  Stay tuned for more events to come and get ready to read!



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