TJ Connor Reads

TJ Connor students celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday by kicking off our 3rd annual TJ Connor Reads.  We started the school day off with an Assembly to get students excited and to reveal the book we will be reading as a school.  The book we chose to read this year is Gooseberry Park by Cynthia Rylant.  Some of our teachers played the characters in the book, introducing themselves to the students as Kona the dog, Murray the bat, Gwendolyn the hermit crab, and Stumpy the squirrel- costumes and all!  Other teachers were seen dancing and holding up book posters as we celebrated books between each character.

Each week students will read several chapters of the book with their families; students can also answer trivia questions based on the book to win prizes.  We hold several unannounced Stop, Drop, and Read times during the three week celebration, so students always need to have a book with them- who knows when the next stop, drop, and read will be?

In addition to reading the book, we have therapy dogs visiting, guest reader days, pj story time, and a tv blackout night!  TJ Connor Reads is an exciting time for our students and a great way to get kids excited about reading.


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