Book Budget Crew Meets with Perma-Bound

Today the students in our book budget crew met with Linda Startup from Perma-Bound books.  She brought in a wide selection of books as well as catalogs for additional titles.  Dylan, our video game expert on Minecraft, showed me some Minecraft books on the Perma-Bound website  we could order, and then had a discussion with Linda showing her the books on her iPad.  The students were very excited to be able to look at the books and open them up to peek inside.  Students also made comments what books would work best with the grade levels.  Each students made their own list of titles; a few students even organized their list by grade to be sure that they had represented all grades in her search. Linda commented more that once that this group of students were exceptional- extremely focused, polite, and eager to find books for their school and for all grade levels.  I will be compiling their suggestions in our online list.  We will be meeting next week again to see how we faired with our budget.  Perhaps we will need to whittle down the list; perhaps we will need to add more books!


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