New Library Club

I have finally done it!  I started a library club this winter.  Maybe it was the cold weather that has kept students in or maybe it is me eager to get students helping in the library.  Either way, it has begun.  This library club is a grass roots movement for me. Olivia and Jadyn, fifth graders, wait in the hallway in the morning to go to homeroom, so I invited them in to shelve books for me.  They were excited to help, so I had them keep coming.  Then they started coming in during their recess times, not to shelve books but to gather Christmas books to put on display.  Olivia and Jadyn also processed new books for me, stamping them with the library name, adding new stickers, and placing barcodes on the backs of the books. We gained another student, Lauren, doing this project.   I then asked them if they would like to create their own display of books. Olivia chose ghost stories.  Jadyn chose fairy tales.  Lauren chose female detective stories.  They worked on finding the books in Destiny, created their own posters in MS Word, then pulled the books and put them on display.  The displays look awesome, too!  I have had more students asking if they could help.  It was time to get organized.

So, I have invited the Mock Newbery club students to create a larger library club.  Of the thirteen students invited, all thirteen said they want to join!  Granted, three of them were already helping in the library!  I now needed to get organized!  We will begin meeting on Tuesdays at the end of the day to discuss what activities will be done during the week.  The students will then choose the times they would like to come in and work on their chosen activities: mooring, recess, or end of day.  Students will shelve books, create book displays, create bulletin boards, help prep materials for book fair and reading activities, and whatever else I can think of that they would enjoy and help our library.  I am so excited to be able to continue to work with the students now that the Mock Newbery club has ended.  I am also eager to see how the club will evolve and grow as my student teach me what ideas they have for our library.


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