Mock Newbery Wraps Up

The students at TJ Connor finished up their Mock Newbery club to coincide with the ALA Youth Media Awards.  Students from all three schools (Hill Elementary in Brockport and Terry Taylor Elementary in Spencerport) voted for the best book from the five books we read:  Crenshaw, Fish in a Tree, Fuzzy Mud, Like a River:  A Civil War Novel, and Roller Girl. Thirty-one of the fifty-five votes went to Like a River:  A Civil War Novel!  Roller Girl received only one vote from our club though it earned a Newbery Honor Medal from ALA.  I was very happy to see Fish In a Tree also won the Schneider Family Award.

Our students met the students from the other two schools, enjoyed games of Bingo and Hangman as well as cake and punch while waiting to hear which book won their Mock Newbery Award.  As part of the “Big Reveal” we share with the students the winners of the Newbery and Schneider Awards so they knew the books they read earned prestigious awards.  The cheers from the students when we announce the winner was just like the cheers at the ALA midwinter announcements.  After the celebration, TJ Connor students chose one of the books we read to keep for their very own.  They were very excited to get a new book, especially one that was a favorite of theirs.

This year’s club has come to an end, but I am already thinking of titles for next year’s club! The first one on my list to consider is Pax by Sarah Pennypacker.


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