Improving the Nonfiction Section

While looking for a book in the nonfiction section of my local public library recently, I noticed that the spine labels were placed horizontally on the spine so the entire call number was visible.  How did I not notice this on my many previous visits?  This simple feature got me to thinking about the nonfiction section at my school library and, selfishly, how so unpleasant it is to shelve the nonfiction books because the spine labels are so hard to read.  Many of the books are so thin that much of the call number is not even visible.  So I decided to fix it!  I spent about a week trying to print the call numbers horizontally but no matte what I tried, the labels just did not align.  I finally figured out that  by printing all new spine labels the same way as before and just placing them horizontally rather than vertically, I, too, could have a nonfiction section that was easier to shelve, and more importantly, easier to find books for students based on the call number.  I have two awesome adult volunteers who have been helping me relabel all the nonfiction books- about 5,000 titles!  We are halfway through the project, and so far the shelves are looking great!  See what you think.






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