Self Check out

The library has become more user friendly!  Students in grades 3, 4, and 5 have started self-checkout.  A special station has been set up with a laptop (designated only for checking out books), a keypad, and a scanner. I changed the alert sounds in Destiny so that problems like wrong barcode scanned or overdue items is more noticeable to the students and to me.  This way, I can quickly pop over to see what the problem is and help the student.

With a little bit on whole group instruction and a lot of one-on-one instruction, the students began. Students learned how to enter their student number onto a keypad (just like at lunch), then scan the books they want to check out.   I found out quickly that students who have an overdue book cannot self check out without an override from me. Once students start to know that they have overdue books, then perhaps they will get more responsive to returning books on time!

Students will be using self checkout during scheduled library classes but also in the mornings when they visit and at any other time during the day.  I have the self checkout station set up and leave it up during the day for students to use.

Students are very excited about this new feature in the library.  I am excited to have more opportunities to work with students to find books instead of scanning books!


2 thoughts on “Self Check out

  1. Thank you for your post! How did you change the sound to alert for the wrong barcode scanned? I can’t seem to figure this out for my computers and my students seem to scan the wrong barcode a lot. Thank you!

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