Second Grade Internet Safety

The second graders are finishing up their Internet Safety unit this week.  We work on five different lessons during the unit.  First, we talk about staying safe online and use a traffic light to rate websites we visit.  Next we talk about our community- both real and online.  We look at three circles with ourselves at the center; then we identify those that are closest to us and those that are more separated from us.  This leads us to our third unit- private information.  Those closest to us know the private information, such as our name, birth date, address, etc.  Those in the outer most circle don’t know and should not know that information.  We do a fun activity to create usernames that do not share any personal information.  We talk about showing respect online and how challenging it can be to express emotion with only written text.  We edit an email to an uncle as practice for showing respect.  Finally we talk about passwords.  Most of the students know not to share their passwords but coming up with a password that doesn’t include personal information can be a challenge.  The students had fun learning how to create passwords using a favorite number, a pet’s name and a favorite food.  Try it sometime, it’s fun!

The lessons we used were from the Common Sense Media website.  I have found these lessons to be very well helpful and engaging for the students.


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