Ebook Lessons

This week students in fourth and fifth grade were invited to bring their own mobile device to school for a lesson in the library.  Bringing their own device was a big deal (this is the first year our school has a guest wi-fi), and students were excited! Whether students had a mobile device or not, the lesson remained the same.  Students learned how to access over two thousand ebooks available through our BOCES.   While some students in each of the classes brought a device, those that did not learned how to access the ebooks on computers.  Our BOCES has a wide selection of fiction and nonfiction titles at all reading levels.  Some books also narrate as the text is highlighted.

Ultimately, the goal of the lesson was learning how to access the ebooks and read them online.  There were a few bumps along the way.  By the time I had taught the lesson for the fourth time, I had worked out all the glitches.  The engagement level of the students was amazing.  They were excited to learn how to access the ebooks, device or not.  Those students that had trouble accessing ebooks on their device in school were eager to go home and try there.  Then, they came back to school the very next day to let me know they had done it!  They were able to open ebooks on their device!

I am looking forward to seeing how often the students access the online ebooks.  Third graders will be learning about ebooks very soon- just as soon as they become familiar with using our online catalog!


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