Summer Reading

I can’t believe the school year is almost over!  Our students have been busy getting ready for summer-and for reading!  We held our Get Caught Reading campaign over the last three weeks to get students excited about reading.  There were many tickets issued!  Winners won a book of their choice.

Our June book fair started this week as another way to get kids to read over the summer.  I hold the book fair during the last full week of school so students have plenty of great books to choose from to read over the summer.  Along with the book fair, our student participate in Scholastic’s Summer Reading Challenge.  Our school’s goal is to read 200,000 minutes this summer.  If we meet that goal, our principal and assistant principal we get up on stage and dance the macarena for us.  Keep your fingers crossed!

I also spent time book talking some exciting new titles to students to help them create that summer reading list.  One of the books I mentioned was Cynthia Lord’s A Handful of Stars.  Everyone loves dog stories and this story was a favorite read of mine this spring.  For the older students I recommended Dave Barry’s The Worst Class Trip Ever.  The story is fast paced, funny, and full of twists to keep readers hooked on reading. It was so great to hear students asking for these books at the book fair, even though the books weren’t available at the fair.  I reminded the students to visit the public library this summer to borrow the books.

We also have the public library coming to talk to students about their summer reading program.  The year’s theme is Every Hero Has a Story. I know I will be visiting my local public library a lot this summer to read and I am hoping my students will too.



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