Wrapping Up the Research Projects

I  shared first, second, and third grade research projects in previous posts.  All of these were great projects on animals.  The fourth and fifth graders also finished up their research projects;  Their projects were designed to add College and Career Readiness standards, focusing on the decision-making process.

Fourth graders research natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes, forest fires, and hurricanes.  As part of their research  they had to create a safety plan for themselves.  In addition to understanding the disaster itself and how to stay safe, students had to apply the safety knowledge they learned to their own life, making decisions on what to do in the event of the disaster. Students created a PowerPoint presentation to share the information they learned.  This was a great way to review the skills learned earlier in the year on making a presentation.  Learning how to make PowerPoints must have worked because one of the teachers commented on how the students are creating PowerPoints for everything now and talking about animations and transitions!  It is always great to hear how the work done in the library is transferred back into the classroom.


The fifth graders conducted career research.  Each student chose a career and researched what the career was, what education was needed, famous people or contributions made in that career, and what character traits were needed to be successful in that career.  Students used many different resources including the Bureau of Labor Statistics, encyclopedias, and college/university websites.  Students were very excited about the research, working on it outside of library as well.  Some students decided after their research that they are no longer interested in that career, but now they have the skills to research other careers that interest them.  Fifth grade also created PowerPoints to share their knowledge and present the careers to their classmates.  The teacher commented that students were also working on the presentations in their classroom and students were teaching each other how to add sound, pictures, animations to students who needed help.  I love hearing that students are able to teach others the new skills they learned.

IMG_1040 IMG_1042


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