Second Grade HaikuDecks

The second graders have finished their backyard animal research! Usually we research the wilder animals, but they were digging deep into endangered animals in the classroom. Clearly, I needed a new topic.  My inspiration came when I was watching our resident skunk in early January eat seed that fell from our bird feeder.  I realized it would be great to learn more about the animals we see up close.

My backyard skunk

My backyard skunk

The students used PebbleGo and a nonfiction text to find information about their animal.  Questions ranged from more basic  (what they look like, what they eat) to more complex (how their feet/tracks help them, how they adapt to their environment).  The thinking questions were harder for students to answer; they were afraid to get the answer wrong!  I explained many times that if they can support their answer with information they have gathered, then their answer won’t be wrong.

When all the information was gathered, we started creating our presentations.  Sharing what we learned with others is the best part of research.  Each pair of students created their own Haikudeck.  Students worked hard to type in the text on each slide, but were very excited to be able to add pictures!  I kept that part a secret until the hard work of typing was done.

Chipmunks HaikuDeck

Lilah and Cheyenne present their HaikuDeck on chipmunks

HaikuDeck on Chipmunks


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