Fifth Grade Blogging

The fifth graders are learning how to blog!  To introduce this unit we discussed the purpose of blogging, reviewed blogging etiquette, and digital citizenship expectations.  Students viewed a variety of blogs with different purposes and found that most blogs carry a conversational tone and have an identifiable audience.  Student then practiced writing a blog post on paper and commenting on others’ posts.  After that, we were ready to create our own blog.

We will be using Kidblog; it allows the teacher to manage and view students’ blog posts and maintain student privacy.  Students have chosen a background theme and a title for their blog, thought this was challenging for many students. The purpose of our blog is to reflect on our upcoming research project on careers.  Students will be exploring one career of choice, researching the career itself, the skills needed for the career, and important contributions (achievements, accomplishments) in the field/career. The blog will be the students’ journal: collecting resources, reflecting on the research process (difficulties and successes), and reflecting on steps the student would need to take to work in their chosen field.

Some students have been hesitant about blogging, feeling unsure of what to say in the blog.  Others are extremely excited about writing their thoughts.  As we continue to work on blogging, I an confident that those hesitant students will become more comfortable with blogging. Reading their blog posts has been interesting, not only for the career aspirations they have, but also for how they choose to present their ideas.  Some used numbered lists; others wrote one long paragraph.  A few students engaged the readers by asking for their thoughts and comments on the post.



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