A Sister Blog Is Born!

Perhaps I have become enamored with social media.  Or, perhaps, more likely, I just love to talk about books.  I have started a new blog called Unabridged Reader so I can share the great books that I read with everyone who wants to hear.  Part of the reason for the new blog is writing reviews for NetGalley.  NetGalley offers advance reading copies of books to librarians.  In the past, I just shared my review on NetGalley, but a wider audience is preferred, I believe.  NetGalley and the publishers like to hear and read what people think about their books.  Another reason for the blog is that I joined the Kid Lit Frenzy Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge.  I pledged to read 80 nonfiction books this year and share them.  I think a blog is a great way to do that.  I have been a GoodReads member since 2008, and love GoodReads, but I needed a blog to inspire (or maybe just prod) me to think and write more about the books I read.  So, please take a peek at my new blog, follow it, even, and maybe you will find a great next read for yourself.  Happy Reading!


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