Me Poems

In the library, in addition to library skills and encouraging reading, I also teach some of the basic computer technology skills, such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.  These foundational skills teach our students how to communicate their thoughts and ideas to others in a format that they can then transfer other classes and future careers.  These skills will also help them if they choose to blog or use another presentation skill.

The fourth graders just finished creating Me Poems using Microsoft Word.  Initially the poem was a creative way to review Microsoft Word skills such as formatting text, changing fonts and color.  The lesson grew into learning how to add and format pictures as well.  Students learned how to select pictures using copyright friendly websites, insert the picture, format the layout,  and add some artistic features.  The students loved creating something of their own design; adding pictures was their favorite part!  Students learned that it can take time to find just the right picture and that a thumbnail image does not enlarge well!  Below is one of the poems created by a student in library.  Look for more technology posts soon as fourth grade begins PowerPoint and fifth grade starts blogging!

Me Poem

Me Poem


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