Teaching Biblionasium to 5th grade

Biblionasium has been on my radar for three years now, but I was waiting for a classroom teacher to work with me.  Perhaps I should have just dived in without the collaboration, but I wanted students to embrace Biblionasium as something they can do everywhere- library, classroom, home- and that would be easier if they had more teachers supporting the website.  I found the perfect teacher in Mrs. Clark; she teaches fifth grade ELA.  She was immediately excited when I showed her the website and all the features for students.  Mrs. Hughes, the special ed teacher was also very excited about sharing Biblionasium with students, even sending messages to students about the books they listed.

The best part of this, though, wasn’t the teachers’ excitement, it was the students.  When students got their first glimpse at Biblionasium, they were eager to start.  They loved looking for books they want to read and recommending books to others in their group.  Many students had some trouble remembering books they had already read, but most were able to list books they want to read.  It was so easy to put in a topic and see what titles come up.  I love seeing what titles students are adding; it helps me recommend titles to them.

Biblionasium is one more tool I am using to help students be ready for “What To Read Next”.  If they have a list of titles they want to read, they will never be without something to read.  I am eager to introduce Biblionasium to fourth, third, and even second graders next!



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