Book Review: Pink and Green Is the New Black

20702015Pink and Green is the New Black is the third book in the Pink and Green series by Lisa Greenwald. Lucy is in eighth grade now, and having a busy year! She struggles with many commitments and a relationship with Yamir. The big event of eighth grade is the Masquerade Dance, and Lucy is asked to help plan the event, which makes her already busy life even busier. Things with Yamir are getting strange and a new boy, Travis, has started at school, likes Lucy, and complicates Lucy’s relationship with Yamir. Her best friend, Sunny, is by her side, though, to help her see both sides of her problems.


Lucy is one of my favorite characters. She is ambitious in her goals to improve her school and community. She is often overstressed (mostly brought on by her own worries) and she is kind and loving. She truly cares about her family, friends, and boyfriend. The story is rich with common teenage concerns (no date for the dance, best friend woes, mean girls, etc.) which are handled beautifully- just the right blend of emotion and practicality. A must read series for any girl who loves a good girl story.


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