Keeping Open the Lines of Communication Using Edmodo

This is the third year that I have been using Edmodo in the library with students.  It takes time to introduce it to the new students but a worthwhile endeavor when I see students taking the time to log in outside of school.  We have used Emodo already to take a reading survey and a technology survey; these surveys gave students a chance to let me know your reading interests and to find out which students have access to technology at home.  Then, after discussing digital citizenship, students posted to the class the best book they read over the summer.  Students were then able to comment on each other’s posts.  Students will also be using Edmodo to turn in assignments as well as view book trailer videos to encourage and promote reading.  Parents can get involved in Edmodo, creating a parent account.

Using Edmodo to keep the lines of communication open is important to me.  I have a fixed schedule, seeing students once a week, which does not provide much time to discuss books and other questions students may have about library.  Edmodo is a great venue to share the excitement of reading.  I also enjoy seeing students carry on conversations about the books they are reading.


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