Summer Book Review: Shelter Pet Squad

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 7.31.00 PMSuzannah loves animals but can’t have one of her own in the apartment her family lives in.  So, Suzannah has stuffed animals, lots of them, and they are her pets.  She loves to take Whiskers, her stuffed mouse, with her to help her feel brave.  One day her mom suggests she help out at the local animal shelter.  Suzannah and several other kids volunteer on Saturdays; they make treats for the cats and dogs, play with the animals, and enjoy all the animals.  When a family drops off a guinea pig at the shelter, Suzannah is determined to find it a new home.  Finding a home for a pe, though, is harder than Suzannah thought!


Readers will enjoy the reading about the animal shelter setting, learning the stories of the pets as they are left at the shelter and adopted later, and, especially, all the fun crafts the pet shelter kids make for the cats and dogs.  Suzannah’s eagerness to have a pet shines through in this story, and readers who want a pet, but can’t have one, will certainly find ways in the book to cope as Suzannah has.  Directions for the pet crafts are included at the end of the book.  Look for this one in our library later this year!  Thank you to Scholastic and Netgalley for the advance reading copy.


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