Summer Book review: Absolutely Almost by Lisa Graff

image“Not every body can be the rock at the top of the pile.  There have to be some rocks at the bottom to support those at the top.”  That is what Albie’s grandfather tells Albie’s mother one night, and that that is how Absolutely Almost begins. Those few words set the mood for the entire story.  Albie never quite seems to measure up, yet he continues to move forward.  He sees a lot, but he somehow doesn’t see  everything.  He doesn’t see that  when kids at school are being nice to him it’s because they want something.  He doesn’t see how being famous isn’t cool.  But he does begin to see how being cool isn’t everything he thought it would be.  Absolutely Almost by Lisa Graff is absolutely the best.  Her writing is heartbreakingly simple, sweet, and full of emotions.  She manages to convey so much with so few words.  The short chapters with simple titles offer insight into what goes on in Albie’s mind, seen through his eyes in soft-spoken eloquent writing.


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