Summer book Review: Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor by Jon Scieszka

cover48012-smallFrank Einstein is a boy genius; his parents are not, though you won’t really meet his parents because they are visiting Antarctica.  Frank is staying with his Grandpa Al, who’s Fix it Shop is in danger of being taken over, like every other building in town by an evil child madman.  So, Frank decides to build a robot, but as he prepares to “flip the switch”, the power goes out.  Grandpa forgot to pay the bill.  When the power comes back on, the robot awakens and rebuilds himself (he had an accidental fall from a pulley).  Not only does the robot rebuild him, he also builds a second robot.  Meet Klink and Klank.  Klink (the smarter one) and Klank (the not so smarter one) help Frank build his best science project ever: the antimatter motor.  But, that evil child madman who is taking over the town has plans to steal the robots and Franks latest invention.  Full of truly classic Scieszka humor best appreciated by the young (and young at heart) and plenty of good science, this will be one series that children and teachers will enjoy together.  The illustrations are full of detail and quite scientific looking with diagrams, flow charts, and lots of arrows.  This book would also be very enjoyable as a read aloud.   Thank you to AbramKids Books and Netgalley for the advance reading copy.


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