Summer Book Review: How To Outrun a Crocodile When Your Shoes Are Untied

crocodileAna Wright is a shy, awkward seventh grader whose best friend, Liv, has just moved to New Zealand.  Her parents are zoologists, and Ana gets her love of animals from them.  But Ana has to face the “Sneerers” everyday- three very popular girls who like to make life miserable for Ana.  Ana could always count on Liv for support before Liv moved away.  Now, Ana is navigating the last few weeks of school without her.  To make matters worse, her grandfather, famous for his own animal TV shows, visits, and the family will be moving into the zoo as part of a reality TV show with her grandfather.  Ana wishes she could be brave like her parents and grandfather so she could teach zoo visitors about the animals.  But, with Liv gone, and the “Sneerers”  bullying her everyday, it can be hard.  I enjoyed the animal wisdom that appears at the beginning of each chapter; they provide a glimpse of what Ana is feeling.  This is a great story for tween girls who enjoy school, family, and friendship stories with a sprinkle of animals, too.


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