RainForest Animal Research

Using PebbleGo Database to research

Using PebbleGo Database to research

Using Grolier's Amazing Animals to research with a partner

Using Grolier’s Amazing Animals to research with a partner

Spring is a busy time for research!  Not only are the second graders researching animals, the third graders have begun researching animals in the rain forests.  They are using Grolier’s Amazing Animals of the World as well as PowerKids Earth and Space to learn more about rain forests.  We are also looking at the National Geographic Kids website to help answer our questions on the animals.  And, what do we want to know? We are curious about what our animals looks like, how they depend on other animals, what the animals needs to survive, and how our animals adapts to its environment.

Our third grades are also improving their collaboration skills as they research.  Students have been placed into groups of two or three students.  Working with other students is teaching them how to resolve conflicts (of which there have been a few!), communicate with others, and develop a deeper understanding of their topic.  Collaboration has encouraged them to stay on task as well, keeping them focused on research.

After our research, we will ask ourselves if these animals are worth saving and why.  Exploring these animals and questioning their value to the environment is helping our third garders become critical thinkers.  The final phase of the project will be to publish a book about our findings.  Stay tuned for more!


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