Second Graders Begin Research

Second Grade research

Second graders comparing information on their animals for research

Our second graders are learning how to find answers to questions.  Finding answers (and knowing where to go to find the answers!) is a  very important skill for research.  Second graders have been paired up with a partner to learn about an animal.  Each student began by learning how to navigate the National Geographic Kids website to select three animals.  Then with their table partner, they decided which animal they would learn about.  Each student has divided up the questions they need to answer, and they will compare notes along the way.  Students are excited to be using the computer to research thier animals and to work with a partner.  In addition the the National Geographic Kids website, students are also used a paid-subscription database called PebbleGo Animals.  This website is perfect for younger readers.

The second graders are also taking what they are learning about animals in the library back to their classrooms.  Mrs. Wallace’s class has already begun creating a nonficiton book about the same animals being researched in the library.  Their book will have all the features of a nonfiction book including a table of contents, glossary, and index!  Mrs. Hotaling’s and Mrs. Greene’s classes will also be creating a nonfiction text on the animal research.  And what are we going to do with all the animal information we collected in the library?  We will be presenting our information using Haikudeck– an online presentation tool that is simple and easy to use.  Stay tuned for more information about the presentations they will be creating.

SEcond graders use PebbleGo Animals and National Geographic Kids to research animals.

Second graders use PebbleGo Animals and National Geographic Kids to research animals.


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