It’s Author Visit Day!

Today was a special day for our students.  Shella Shubuck, a local author and illustrator, visited our school to share her books, her writing process, and her art with us.  Shella has four published picture books, three of which are stories based on animals from local Stokoe Farms.  Ms. Shubuck has a unique illustrative style that I noticed immediately.

Shella Shubuck's artwork

Shella Shubuck’s artwork

Ms. Shubuck creates some of the characters out of paper mache, then she photographs the characters in different settings. Finally she then paints the scenery around the photo.

Ms. Shubuck talked with all of our students as well as worked with some second and third graders to create a watercolor painting around a photograph.  She also did a paper mache craft with some fourth and fifth graders.

Shella Shubuck helps a students illustrate their pictures.

Shella Shubuck helps a students illustrate their pictures.

Shella read stories to our kindergarten through second grades and talked about where she gets her ideas and how she creates her work for third through fifth graders.  Our fifth graders were particularly interested in her art, asking lots of good questions!  Ms. Shubuck’s most important advice for students is not to give up.  She received 80 rejection letters before her first book was published! That is good advice for all our students, whether it is writing, illustrating, playing sports, or any other activity that is important to you.  We are very happy that Ms. Shubuck was able to spend the day with us!

photo 3

Our fifth graders has lots of questions for our author!


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