Fourth Graders Create PowerPoints

Our fourth grade students just finished learning how to create PowerPoints in the library.  They were very excited to start this unit.   Each student chose four favorite things to share in their presentation.  Students started the PowerPoint by typing their text, then they were able to select a theme.  I explained to the students that inserting the text first is just like having  “dinner before dessert” meaning that they have to do the work before they get distracted by the fun things in PowerPoint.  Students then learned how to add pictures and animations.  Teaching students how to have text and pictures appear at different times in the slideshow was such fun; I heard many “awesomes” whispered while teaching animations.  Many students enjoyed creating the PowerPoints so much that they told me they are using PowerPoint to write book reports in their classrooms!4th grade PT4th graders PPT

Here is the PowerPoint created by one fourth grade student:

PowerPoint by a Fourth Grade Student


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